About the VANGEST Group

A leading group of companies, a strong commitment with Innovation and Technology.

With more than three decades of experience, VANGEST is a leader in all its activity areas. It gathers scientific and technological knowledge in a group of specialized industries which every day turn innovating ideas into EXCELENCE and QUALITY patterns.
The share of values, working methods, techniques and tools creates the basis of VANGEST know-how and innovation. Standing as a multidisciplinary knowledge cluster integrates production units with the highest technological level of equipment. The group companies offers a transversal response focused in high competitive markets and in clients.

Processes and Services

VANGEST offers to its clients all the integrated stages of the product development cycle.


Design &


With product design high-skilled professionals, VANGEST group guarantees the combination of multiple knowledge in the development process including aesthetics and technological options that optimize all the product development cycle for the global market.


Prototyping &

Small Series

The use of sophisticated production processes allows the production of prototypes with a high level of functionality for confirmation, validation and test of a product in the first stages of its development. Using these technologies, the production of small series is vital to the launch of products oriented towards small niche markets.


Project &

Moulds Production

With three units of thermoplastic mould production, VANGEST offers technological solutions for different types off parts: Small dimension technical moulds (ATT), medium moulds (3DTECH) and big moulds (MPTOOL). These unites combine unique project abilities and co-development adapted to its dimension and specificity.


Quality Control

Checking Fixtures work as a measuring support simulating the setting of the part in the automobile without interfering with its integrity when removed. Digital Measuring Systems resources in Metrology Laboratories are able to detect any deviations in the measuring of the parts confirming the required tolerances both dimensional and positional.


Tests, Validation and Injection

In the Try-Out Center it is possible to confirm the quality and performance of the injection moulds through in-house tests. This unit, specialized in thermoplastic injection, works continuously to as demanding as food, medical, electronics and automotive areas.


Big Projects

VANGEST provides a flexible offer adapted to the global market demands. The solid experience in conception, development and specialized mould production respond to big dimensions projects and parts of different types and dimensions.

Design and Engineering 0%
Prototyping and Small Series 0%
Project and Mould Production 0%
Testes, Validação e Injecção0%

Market and Clients

VANGEST Group exports more than 80% of its production.  The main market is the European.



It represents the largest market in VANGEST Group activities providing a wide range of technologies adapted to the growing needs of one of the most demanding and competitive economic activities of today.



Activity of increasing importance which quality patterns ask for a constant stake in new technologies, methodologies and production techniques. Flexible robotic cells brings a high level of growth and optimization to this industry.


Others Industries

Diversity is VANGEST Group commitment:  A sustained growth in different activity areas of great demand as food, packaging and electronics industries.

VANGEST Companies

High specialized companies in different activity areas complete the integrated offer of the group.

With transversal abilities concerning the product development cycle, the VANGEST companies share pioneer tools and technologies combining knowledge exchange and collaboration with high skilled experts in diverse areas of activity: Design, Product Engineering, Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, manufacture of prototype mould and final mould, quality control Checking Fixtures, small series production and thermoplastic injection.

Buildings and Facilities

The VANGEST industrial complex is distributed by 8 buildings in a total area of 47,066 m².