About the VANGEST Group

A pioneer industrial group, 12 companies, Different expertise, One vision.

Created by passion, shaped by innovation and sustainably grown over 3 decades through continuous investments and diversification, to bring state of the art solutions in product development cycle.
Value sharing, continuous development of smart methods and techniques, best in class tools and machineries, young and dynamic team, supported by experienced management, are founding pillars of the VANGEST group, which enable us to offer our unique integrated solutions to different markets worldwide.

Products and Services

One stop to access one of the most advanced integrated industrial solutions.



& Engineering

With our experienced inhouse product design team, we engage with our clients from the very early stage in product development cycle. Starting from styling, rendering, mechanical design and simulations, which enables us to proactively optimise all the manufacturing functions.


Rapid Prototyping

& Rapid Manufacturing

Functional prototypes are key in product development cycle and the fastest method in product design optimization. At VANGEST we offer wide range of AM solutions, through which variety of functional prototypes can be offered to our clients. This includes limited production for small niche markets.


Injection moulds design

& development 

With three units of thermoplastic mould design and production, using state of the art equipment, from high speed 5-Axis machining centres to the most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE tools, VANGEST offers high quality moulds for different product groups. High precision small parts (ATT), medium size interior and exterior parts (3DTech) and moulds up to 35 Tons (MPTool).


Quality Control

VANGEST Checking Fixture Development Centre (Distrim-2), is the home of design and manufacturing of large variety of quality control checking fixtures and test stands. Supported by optical and digital measuring facilities, state of the art machineries and highly experienced design team, stands as one of the most advanced Quality Control units in Europe.


Testing, Validation & Injection

VANGEST try out centre, equipped with state of the art machineries and production facilities, offers A-Z solutions for testing, optimization and validation of plastic injection moulds from 150T up to 2300T.

2K/3K rotating injection, Gas assisted injection, Overlay moulding and serial production for medical, food compatible and electric applications.


Big Projects

VANGEST provides a flexible offer adapted to the global market demands. The solid experience in conception, development and specialized mould production respond to big dimensions projects and parts of different types and dimensions.

Design and Engineering 0%
Prototyping and Small Series 0%
Project and Mould Production 0%
Tests, Validation & Injection 0%

Our global footprint

VANGEST exports 95% of its expert services to major markets worldwide.



Automotive industry remains as the main market for the VANGEST group, and we continue to serve our clients with focus on the latest technology, developing new methods and offer competitive solutions to meet their ever-increasing expectations.



In our ultra-modern flexible and lean robotic facilities, we manufacture high precision components for Aeronautic industry. Products in which we are committed to deliver the unsurpassable level of quality reliability.


Others Industries

Diversity is VANGEST Group commitment:  A sustained growth in different activity areas of great demand as food, packaging and electronics industries.

VANGEST Companies

A dynamic group of 12 specialised companies with one vision.

Cross functional teams in the VANGEST group, continue to enhance their capabilities in the area of their expertise, but yet together offer diverse range of products and services to our clients. VANGEST integrated services offers step by step solutions right from concept until final product.

Buildings and Facilities

The VANGEST industrial complex is situated in a total area of 47,066 m² with 8 ultra-modern design and production facilities.

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