Design | Engineering | Prototyping


Product design and development is today a nuclear area in VANGEST Group activities. An effective management of this process, offers potential competitive advantages, creating new interaction mechanisms focused on aesthetics and technological trends resulting in new quality patterns with guaranteed return to our clients.

Engineering | Quality Control


Using the most advanced PLM tools, as well as a wide technical and scientific knowledge of multidisciplinary teams specialized in engineering and 3D modelling, it is possible to ensure a suitable integration of skills in Engineering, Reverse Engineering and production of Checking Fixtures reinforcing, in a significant way, the offer of automotive and aeronautical areas.



3D printing and HSM (High Speed Machining) turn the creation of rigorous physical models possible, with the aim to evaluate and validate the solutions being developed in a first stage of the project. A correct choice of the materials to use, make the approach to the aesthetic appearance and functional performance of the product.

Machining | Moulds Silicone


Through techniques as CNC machining or the silicone moulds it is possible to produce small series of a final product. The time needed to obtain these functional models is significantly reduced. All the process is optimized with lower costs of development. The client is able to make a formal, dimensional and functional pre-evaluation of his product in a more rigorous and effective way.

Project | Machining | Production


The production of technical moulds of small dimension started to integrate VANGEST Group offer with the creation of ATT. It is a modern production unit with last generation equipment which working methodologies are based on a complex robot and pallet system. The implemented methodologies assure a complete control of the process in continuous work with the inherent quality and productivity benefits.

Project | Machining | Production


3DTECH gathers the knowledge of more than 30 years of experience meeting the requirements of the growing global market challenges in what medium moulds production is concerned. The big technological changes that occurred during 2017, led to the installation of last generation equipment including robotic production cells and pallet system. The levels of optimization achieved offer the best quality at the lowest price.

Project | Machining | Production


The big moulds production emerged in 2009 responding to the growing needs of the market in this area. MPTOOL combines a high technological integration of added value with the most advanced production management methods. Today, MPTOOL has a production capacity of moulds up to 35 Ton in reduced deadlines.

Tests & Mould Validation | Injection


The Try-Out Center consolidates the offer of the group showing the strategic concern and the structuring character of this in-house service to VANGEST.
With a specialized unit in thermoplastic injection for as demanding as food, medical, electronics, packaging and automotive areas, VANGEST closes the cycle providing to the client a totally integrated solution able to manage his projects with a single interlocutor.

Software | Training | Post Sale Support


Information Technologies area is in the Group VANGEST since 1991. Initially as a response to an internal need, the relationship with suppliers of CAD 3D continued and led to the creation of an autonomous area of trade and development of software solutions including Training and Post Sales Support. The available software solutions guarantees a transversal offer to different kinds of industries particularly to PLM solutions (Product Lifecycle Management).

Housing, Industrial and Trade Buildings


Making part of VANGEST Group, HARCHI develops architecture projects since 1991 to areas as different as houses, trade and industry. Responsible for the projects of all the VANGEST Group buildings, developed specifically to industrial production, each space was conceived to fulfil the specific needs of its industrial activity. Functionality and Balance makes this conglomerate an architectural reference to the industrial area.

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