We know we plant the Future when we minimize our impact on the Planet.

We care about the Future

We know that promoting sustainable development indoors has effects outdoors, and we believe that being open to the world and the future always makes sense.
sustainability total produced graphic

Total Produced

Solar energy produced through solar panels installed on the rooftops of our factories to power their operations and to charge company electric vehicles.

sustainability Co2 reduction

CO2 Reduction

The result of investing in cutting-edge, energy-efficient machinery, a digital energy management system and manufacturing facilities powered by clean energy.

sustainability reduced coal

Coal Use Reduced

The numbers prove that the global implementation of sustainable practices in Operations has a positive environmental impact.

sustainability planted trees

Equivalent Trees Planted

Recognizing the essential role of trees in supporting life on Earth, we implement environmental measures that emphasize their significance.

Planet and Sustainability

As an Industrial Group, it is our responsibility to prioritize environmental awareness and take measures to reduce our impact on the planet.

Our green initiatives



Facilities built to optimize energy consumption.


State-of-the-art industrial machinery with the highest level of energy efficiency.



We encourage the use of electric cars and you will find charging stations within our complex for a worry-free commute.



We all have reusable bottles to fill in one of the multiples water dispensers.



Recycling facilities in each workspace.



We have a state-of-the-art metal swarf recycling system for zero waste.

Community & Synergies

By fostering ecological awareness and adopting specific practices, we aim to inspire an improved quality of life, not only for our employees but also for the surrounding community. We have undertaken targeted actions in our pursuit of establishing an eco-friendly industrial complex.

Voluntary Initiatives

As members of society, we value the importance of active participation in various local and regional areas and initiatives. We promote volunteering within the VANGEST community.

Sport & Sponsorship

Promoting sustainability is also about promoting well-being. Our employees include athletes of different ages and disciplines. Supporting them is part of VANGEST culture.

Education Commitment

We are linked both regionally and nationally to different educational institutions such as universities, polytechnics and vocational schools.