MOLIPOREX was founded by Carlos Oliveira

Founded in 1986 by Carlos de Oliveira, VANGEST Group has been consolidating a position of excellence in the European business scene based on solid and autonomous finances, dynamism and distinctive technological resources.

Based in Marinha Grande, one of the most transversal cluster of mould making in the world, VANGEST Group has been growing in a consistent way enabling the creation of different companies with activity areas that focuses on three main business areas: Design and Engineering, Industrial Solutions and Information Technologies.


Acquisition of the first CAD / CAM system – STRIM 100

Investment in the first CAD/CAM – STRIM 100 of CISIGRAPH in 1990 by MOLIPOREX, was the foundation for the birth of DISTRIM SISTEMAS that started its activity in the Information Technologies area, establishing a link between mould making industry and the increasing demand in digitalization of the production process.

It was also the beginning of HARCHI, an architecture company in the group responsible for the architectural design and development of the infrastructures of VANGEST.


Production of the first Prototype Mould

Analysing market trends, the VANGEST Group pioneered its way into integrated solutions by introducing three new companies: GRANDESIGN, DISTRIM2 and 3DTECH. With the addition of these companies, the product development cycle would be streamlined and integrated within theVANGEST Group.

In 1998, CADFLOW was founded in Information Technologies area. A company dedicated to the supply of PLM solutions in Portugal.

“A differentiated offer allowed several services to be integrated on a single interlocutor.”

Big Moulds Production

With continuous investment in technology and know-how, MPTOOL was born to create big dimension moulds and increased manufacturing capacity to 35 ton.

Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing

Simultaneously, a space dedicated to production of small series was built  as demand for rapid prototyping increased. This space is known as the DT2-Rapid Manufacturing Center.


Acquisition of the first Automated Machining Center

The first Flexible Manufacturing System is acquired by HPM – High Precision Manufacturing. A company dedicated to high precision manufacturing mainly designed to aeronautics.

Thermoplastic Injection Unit is founded

The continuous search for an integrated service with a single interface to all the development stages, has motivated the creation of a new unit entirely dedicated to thermoplastic injection. So is born EHTP, that closes the cycle, with the possibility to inject plastic parts of high technical demand to food, medical, electronics and automotive areas.


Technical Moulds Production

ATT is created with a special focus in the production of high precision technical moulds. The creation of this unit was based on the use of the most sophisticated technological solutions including Flexible Manufacturing Systems and robotic integrated solutions in an environment controlled facility. It is the materialization of a new era of mould industry in which 4.0 industry become a reality.  The fourth industrial revolution in VANGEST Group takes place.

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