Made in Portugal, Made with Quality

Portugal is among the three largest producers of molds in Europe and among the ten largest in the world. 

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story, especially in the dynamic field of industrial production. Portugal’s position among the top three mould producers in Europe and its inclusion among the top ten in the world may seem impressive at first glance. However, when we dig deeper, we discover a compelling narrative that goes beyond mere statistics, highlighting Portugal’s capacity for reinvention, its commitment to quality and its relentless pursuit of innovative solutions.

Combining numbers and ingenuity

Beyond numerical results, there is a unique ability that Portugal possesses: the power of reinvention. The country has made its mark by supplying high-quality moulds to a first-rate market and by consistently surprising the industry with innovative solutions.

Roots in the glass industry

This spirit of innovation has deep roots, going back to the very beginnings of the glass industry in Portugal. In the 1970s, the glass sector switched to plastics in response to growing demand from the automotive industry. This change catapulted the manufacture of moulds, leading to increased investment in research and development.

Diversification of skills

Although the automotive sector remains an important customer for Portuguese mould production, a significant trend is emerging. Other industries are increasingly turning to the country’s expertise for customized solutions. A prominent example is the medical device industry, where precision and unwavering reliability are prerequisites for success.

Meeting the challenges of modern industries

Fully aware of the evolving needs of industry and equipped with a vision of the future, VANGEST is a beacon of innovation. We embrace cutting-edge technologies that give us the flexibility to create inventive solutions. Our commitment extends to industries that demand innovation, efficiency, shorter delivery times and more economical processes, such as the intricate field of biomedical applications.

Quality that transcends borders

In the midst of these achievements, Portugal’s dedication to quality remains at the forefront. Beyond its own borders, the country’s technological capacity is positioned alongside, or even ahead of, nations known for their exacting standards, such as Switzerland and Germany. This is in line with Portugal’s unwavering commitment to excellence and competitiveness.

October 24, 2023