Design in Medical Devices: the BTS Analyser case

Achieving operational excellence is essential for success in today’s dynamic business environment. It starts with a strong corporate culture and extends through strategic initiatives.
In recent years, two prominent challenges have emerged in the medical industry: keeping pace with evolving regulations and achieving increasingly integrated, connected, and compact equipment.

The design and development of medical devices stand as crucial phases because good design not only reduces the complexity of medical equipment but also enhances its reliability and overall performance, always optimizing functionality.

To overcome these challenges, one area proves pivotal: Design.

Spotlight on Innovation: The Semi-automatic Analyzer BTS

Our Design and New Product Development Team has crafted a user-centered design, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality for optimal performance. Our product engineering process helped us finalize a design that is durable and structurally strong.



VANGEST’s Comprehensive Solutions

Beyond innovative product design, VANGEST offers an array of solutions for the medical industry, including rapid prototyping, mould manufacturing, validation, and thermoplastic injection moulding.

Prototyping Process

We prototyped the device in our Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Centre to validate the design and functionality among the separate parts (a metal base support and plastic components). Additionally, we needed to ensure that our design was feasible for production and structurally robust. To achieve this, we utilized 3D printing. Once the parts were verified, we created silicone moulds. After completing the finishing process for each part, we assembled the device, creating a prototype and checking for necessary adjustments before the medical equipment transitions to mass production.

User-Centric Excellence

Throughout the process, a user-centric approach remains paramount. The goal is to deliver an effortless user experience with easily understandable functions, shaping the future of medical equipment innovation.


user interface BTS
Crafting a User-Friendly Interface

We designed the interface to be easy to read, as accurate readings are imperative in medical equipment the device features a color touch screen, and the interface includes large graphics for easy navigation and improved readability.


February 02, 2024